Goal Zero Extreme 350 Power Pack

"solar generator"/
The Goal Zero Extreme 350 Power Pack. This piece of goal zero equipment comes with 350 W hours of power pack storage capacity LCD status monitor keeps track of power storage. It’s UV treated and it’s weather resistant and it has a built in temperature control and fuse system. This product has 21 reviews nine people give it five stars two people give it four stars one person gives it three stars 5 people give it two stars, 4 people give it one star.
You can connect this thing to the wall or solar panel and charged all the 350 batteries up. Make sure you keep it at 100% power because when it’s less than 100% power it dies quickly. Check the capacity when you purchase it because if the distributor didn’t charge it while it was on the shelf is most likely is already damaged make sure you move your panels directly in front of the sunlight to increase the effectiveness of your charge. Also understand the solar day for your location you probably can locate this on Google. Also make sure you don’t miss matched the batteries this could cause a problem. But overall looking at this unit it seems like a mass charger that does a pretty good job you must have the proper inverters this is relatively new technology so make sure you look as deep as you possibly can into the electrical output of each one of these devices before you put your complete faith in it. Overall I think I’m going to give the Goal Zero Extreme 350 Power Pack, a 8 1/2 out of 10.
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