Goal Zero 12401 Nomad 13.5M Solar Panel

"solar power energy"/The Goal Zero 12401 Nomad 13.5M Solar Panel. This product has received 11 reviews five people give it five stars, three people give it four stars, one person gives it three stars, one person gives it two stars, one person gives it one star. Apparently this technology has been proven to work it’s adorable and the fact that is foldable makes it incredibly compact and easy to lug around. On top of that it doesn’t necessarily weigh much and it’s highly efficient not to mention it has a very stylish look to it.
It also has a slightly newer technology built into it so it definitely can be used to power your USB technology and your cell phones and small devices. Some people don’t like how it feels when it’s folded they say it’s slightly bulky. You shouldn’t necessarily bend it because you can easily break it that way also it’s quite difficult to find the perfect angle to charge this thing which is probably why the cells that are placed on your roof are calculated and place in the right angle. It seems like a pretty decent product this technology is still developing so overall they did a pretty good job but until we can trade small solar panels that have big solar panel power this is probably the best product on the market so I’m going to give the Goal Zero 12401 Nomad 13.5M Solar Panel a 8 out of 10.
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