Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Solar Charging Kit

"solar panel kits"/The Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Solar Charging Kit. Goal zero is a great company with a lot of solar technology, this particular unit provides seven solar panels and a guide with a power pack USB in 12V outputs for portable devices for AA rechargeable batteries and also a AAA. A insert is included a built-in LED flashlight that runs for 20+ hours per charge. It can recharge your cell phone one to three times per charge. Everyone is on here saying that this is the best solar charging system that they’ve ever found, that’s probably because the system hooks up to pretty much any battery type and also comes with a USB apparatus. It says that it’s incredibly fast charging when it comes to AA or AAA batteries and also charges well with direct USB and your DC powered devices.
The best thing about this product is that it’s incredibly durable which is definitely a plus when you’re out and about you don’t want this product breaking on you. Unfortunately the panels are not flexible but it seems like panels that are flexible don’t necessarily get a good charge. Some people seem to have little issues with customer service yet a lot of people say the customer service is actually very efficient so that’s a little confusing. Overall this thing has 98 views, 50 people give it five stars, 17 people give it four stars, seven people give it three stars, six people give it two stars, 18 people give one star. A few people on these reviews seem to have had bad experiences with it because a lot of their devices don’t seem to be taking charge. It seems like goal zero has a few things to work out with charge consistency, they might have a few defective products out there but overall the majority of people seem to be getting a working version of this goal zero product. I think I’m going to give the Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Solar Charging Kit, a 8 1/2 out of 10.
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