Goal Zero 29005 Escape 150 Adventure Kit

"portable solar power"/
The Goal Zero 29005 Escape 150 Adventure Kit. Nine reviews have been done on this particular product, four people give it five stars, three people give it four stars, two people give it one star. It seems like this particular device gets the job done if you’re working with smaller devices such as cell phones IPads and so forth. If it has a full charge one reviewer said you can charge two IPads which is a pretty decent amount of energy.
They say it realistically works best in direct sunlight and on incredibly sunny days. By looking at this it’s specifically design for camping trips or hiking so you can power up your iPhone or other devices this definitely is a device for you and also it’s good for your camera and your video cameras. If you need initial battery, you want to make sure that you charge everything for your trip so this is defiantly something good to bring with you. A lot of people like to bring this along because their doing night photography so they charge up the camera during the day and at night they go out and capture some great images. This is a highly recommended for people that just want to get off the grid but still would like to enjoy the convenience of technology. Overall I think I’m going to give the Goal Zero 29005 Escape 150 Adventure Kit, a 8 out of 10.
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